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Looking to replace the bearings on your Vincent Motorcycle?
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We specialise in the supply of rare and obsolete bearings.
No matter how old the bearing you are wanting to replace - try us.
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Bearing Applications on Vincent Classic Motorcycles

Bearing Applications

Recently the bearing market, like many others, has been hit by cheap Chinese imports.
Before you buy a bearing from any company ask what brand they are
offering and the country of manufacture.
Quality British, European and Japanese bearings ALWAYS have this information engraved into the bearing.
Chinese bearings have NO manufacturers name and NO country of origin engraved into the bearing.

We ONLY supply quality, branded bearings.
Isn`t that what your bike deserves?

Vincent Black Shadow

1948 Vincent Black Shadow


We supply bearings for all Vincent models including:

  • Vincent Comet
  • Vincent Rapide
  • Vincent Black Shadow
  • Vincent Black Lightning
  • Vincent Meteor
  • Vincent Grey Flash
  • Vincent Standard
  • Vincent Firefly
  • Vincent Comet

    1950 Vincent Comet


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